This blog will provide you with some eco-friendly options to balloons that you can use at your next party or event.

Why Switch to Eco-Friendly Party Decorations?

Our planet already faces many environmental challenges in our disposable society so it’s well and truly overdue that we think more about our impact and make changes to our lifestyle.

Particularly, when it comes to the way we celebrate birthdays and special occasions using single use and not so eco-friendly decorations.

What is usually one of the most popular party decorations? Yup, you guessed it balloons. And hey, they look great, they’re inexpensive and kids love playing with them until they wither, deflate and end up in landfill.

I get it that we’ve been brought up to decorate our parties or special occasions with balloons and I have many fun memories of playing with them myself as a child.

Before I knew any better my kids used to love playing with them too as out of habit we’d have them as decorations or use them regularly as part of many a science experiment.

However, through current research  came better knowledge. There is no way around it but balloons are just not eco-friendly……at all.

Do you think balloons should be banned just like single use plastic is starting to in Australia?

Can’t I use Biodegradable Balloons?

You can buy balloons made of latex which manufacturers “claim” to be biodegradable however, even these ‘biodegradable’ balloons are still not great for the environment.

Why? 100% natural latex is indeed biodegradable however, it deteriorates quickly in its pure form. Latex balloons on the other hand are mixed with chemicals to make them last longer.

These chemicals are used to increase the longevity of the balloon which make them even harder to break down whilst still being harmful to the environment as they end up in landfill or oceans.

Several experiments have been carried out over the years on biodegradable balloons and in some cases 7 years on the biodegradable balloon is still kicking along.

Alternative Party Decorations

You don’t need balloons to create a festive feel. There are many eco-friendly alternatives to balloons that are just as beautiful and much better for the environment

Here are five alternative suggestions for more sustainable party decorations:

  • Paper based decorations – think pin wheels, poms poms, lanterns, paper chains, streamers
  • Natural decorations – fresh flowers, flower petals, wreaths, sticks

  • LED lights

  • Candles

  • Bubbles

  • Fabric decorations

  • Wooden decorations

The Benefits Of Not Using Balloons As Decorations

There are many benefits to not using balloons at parties – It’s better for the environment, it’s cheaper, and it can be more beautiful.

Biodegradable balloons just aren’t as eco-friendly as manufactures claim them to be. Your best bet is just to avoid balloons altogether and use more eco-friendly and sustainable options instead such as paper based, wooden, natural or fabric based decorations that can be reused and/or recycled after their time.

Spreading the word and breaking the balloon buying habit for parties and special occasions is an important step moving forward.

If you found this information informative and surprising, please show your support by sharing this blog on as I feel so many people are unaware of the harm balloons (including ‘biodegradable’ balloons) have on our environment.

It’s definitely a habit worth breaking!! Particularly, when we think we are doing the right thing by buying a ‘better’ biodegradable alternative which in reality isn’t.

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