Hello!! I am so excited that you are here!

My name is Helen and I’m a nationally recognised Nutritionist and a devoted boy mom. I am deeply passionate about empowering busy working moms to prioritise their own health & well-being amidst the daily juggle of family and work demands.

My jam is helping provide working mums with nutrition tips for healthy eating. As busy mums we tend to put ourselves last – well no more!!

I love to help busy mums make nutrition a priority and weight loss achievable.

The greatest gift you can give your family is a healthy you

I’m a massive foodie, love playing field hockey, skiing, reading (crime & romance), travelling, camping and experimenting with healthy cooking the whole family will eat.

I’m a working, busy, and time-poor mom seeking quick, easy, and healthy solutions for my family’s food choices.

I firmly believe in the transformative power of nutrition and I’m dedicated to helping us incredible women juggling all the things put ourselves first by providing personalised guidance and support to improve health and vitality.

I do this through tailored meal plans, practical tips, and unwavering encouragement. I aim to inspire busy working moms to nourish their bodies, boost their energy levels, and cultivate a balanced lifestyle that honors both themselves and their families.

If you hang out with me on FaceBook, Instagram or my blog I share nutrition tips on nourishing your body via wholesome simple food that doesn’t take hours to make PLUS I will guide you in developing simple and healthy habits that can help you effectively manage your weight and stress, enhance energy levels, and achieve hormonal balance. 

I feel many of us these days are wanting to get back to basics but are so time poor so we are unknowingly reaching for quicker solutions that are often not so great for our health. 

 I am so grateful and delighted our paths have crossed and look forward to getting to know you.