What plastic free items to put in kids party bags they will love with the bonus of being eco-friendly

Sick of the plastic crap toys that fill most party bags these days? They are usually broken before they’ve walked out your front door. Oh hello landfill – here take these.

It’s time to say bye-bye and good riddance to those noisy plastic party blowers I say!

I get it the plastic crap toys are cheap, readily accessible and we are so time poor these days we choose the easier option BUT with a little extra planning and fore thought there are some wonderful and longer lasting alternatives (did I mention they can be plastic free??) available that will create fond memories for all.

Plastic free party favors for kids are a great way to reduce waste and save the environment. They can also be a lot of fun for kids and parents alike. Get your child involved in the decision making so you can feel confident that what’s chosen will be enjoyed by all kids and help keep the joy of gift giving and receiving alive.

What about the party bag itself?

Even the party bag itself doesn’t have to be made from plastic. Paper based bags are also readily available plus what about material based bags or totes that can be used again and again?

Some more ideas for the actual party bag:

  • Paper bags
  • Fabric bags
  • Small boxes
  • Jars
  • Mugs
  • Metal keepsake tins

Check out the craft aisles or visit craft shops for even more inspiration – there are many many options

15 Plastic Free Party Favors For Kids

So here’s the list I’ve compiled of 15 plastic free party favor alternatives that won’t cost you heaps in money or time.

Some you can purchase, some you can DIY yourself and get the kids involved – completely up to you!

1. Seeds – flower or vegetable/herb seed packets
2. Pencils & Crayons
3. Notebooks
4. Playing cards
5. Origami paper & instructions
6. Iron on patches
7. Playdough or slime for the very brave
8. Scrunchies, hair ribbons, bows, headbands
9. Puppets – shadow or finger 
10. Mini books – stories, puzzles, colouring in
11. Chalk
12. Wooden toys
13. Novelty soaps
14. Nature based items – shells, rocks that can be painted
15. DIY craft kit – wands, masks, planes, plaster, friendship bracelets, puppets

Why going plastic free is worth it

We live in a world where there are so many plastic products that we use every day. A lot of these are disposable, which means we throw them away after a single use.

The best thing about going plastic free is that you don’t necessarily have to give up on convenience. There are eco-friendly alternatives for almost any product you can think of – from food containers to shampoo bars, and even toothbrushes!

Be creative and think outside the box for a change and see if you can create something that will inspire others to recreate it at their child’s next party.

Wait! Please avoid this item!!

One thing that should be avoided at your child’s party or any other special occasion and that is balloons.
I recently wrote a blog How to Celebrate Birthdays Without Balloons and Why You Should Switch as to why they should be avoided and what you can use instead so I highly recommend you check it out.